More Good News Bad News (Video)
It's not 'Fake News', but sometimes I wish it were because in this week's installment of Good News Bad News, I talk about things that are happening in the world today that should not be.
Hey, Dads: Do You Skin-To-Skin?
Recently a friend of mine told me about "skin-to-skin contact." It's the new thing where new dads are encouraged to rub their naked babies all over their own naked chests.
Larry Flynt Wins! (Video)
Playboy magazine officially announced that there will no longer be nude pictorials in their publication, meanwhile Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine are still showing you everything you want to see, and sometimes what you don't want to see.
I am not a just a Larry Flynt fan because of the pictures in …
Meet The World’s Largest Boobs [PHOTOS]
Everybody including Beshine here knows you either go big or go home. In the giant fake breast game there is no lolly gagging. you can either put in 50% effort and get laughed out of the building or you can go all out and have permanent beanbag chairs on your chest...

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