29 Misconceptions of Alcohol Cleared Up
There are million and one different beliefs on alcohol. Everyone has their own from 'beer before liquor never sicker,' 'alcohol is a truth serum,' and what about the thought process behind 'breaking the seal.'
Thankfully, Mental Floss has released a video clearing up 29 …
Why Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? The Truth About Tryptophan
Tryptophan, turkey, and Thanksgiving have become synonymous with one another but does anyone really know exactly what tryptophan actually is and if if actually makes you as sleepy as it's fabled to do? The truth is shocking: the levels of tryptophan in turkey is no different than any other poul…
Gas Saving Myths
In these times of gas being near $4 a gallon across the countries people are bound to try and save a little money.  Here are some popular money saving "tips" that don't actually work.