Rocker’s New Year’s Resolutions
The new year is just two days away, and if you don't yet have a resolution you're running out of time! If you're like me then you don't make them, but either way your favorite metal and rock musicians have already made theirs and have shared them with the pu…
The 25 Highest-Paid Musicians Worldwide
Have you ever wondered how much musicians and bands make or who the richest bands are? Well, here is a list (via Forbes) of the world's 25 highest-paid musicians. It has a wide array of genres and bands, and some that I think deserve what they make, while others I don't thin…
Musicians React To The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden
When America was informed of the death of  Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden, they rejoiced. Most people raced to their computers to post comments on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Among the millions were musicians from bands all over the country. See what they had to say.