Wendy’s Has The Fastest Drive-Thru
According to QSR Magazine, Wendy's is the fastest of all the fast foods but not the most accurate, but that's ok because some people love to complain more then they like to eat.
Sleepy Hollow Is Still Fun
I started my Festive Movie & TV Show Marathon early and watched Sleepy Hollow yesterday, I give the movie four out of five stars and the reason why won't shock you.
Is There A Back To School Song? (Video)
I know that the Rodney Dangerfield movie 'Back to School' has it's own theme song,it's written and performed by Jude Cole.
I thought it was by Danny Elfman, but I was wrong, Danny Elfman wrote the score to the movie. Fun Fact: Elfman's band Oingo Boingo is the band playing in…
“PartyTron” At The Inaugural Madison Film Festival
On Thursday April 21st, Kyle Kleege's "PartyTron" premiers at The Inaugural Madison Film Festival, "PartyTron" in one of the eighteen films being shown at the Film Festival that began on Saturday, it's a film about: Two hapless losers who build the ultim…

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