Man Wheelie’s His Bike Into A Cop Car [VIDEO]
With spring not even close to being here (at least it seems that way) might as well think and view all things spring. And what better way to dream of warmth than a dude popping a wheelie into the back of a cop car?
Weather Is Nice, Watch Out For Bikes [VIDEO]
And this is the reason why I constantly say no to getting a bike. While it seems like it would be a blast to go for a cruise around the area it's everyone else that makes me nervous. How many times have you gone to pull out of an intersection and out of no where, a bike appears? I would conside…
Here’s What a Flaming Motorcycle Looks Like
We have to admit that the concept of a flaming motorcycle grabs our attention just as much as the idea of Kate Upton doing gymnastics. OK well, maybe not that much, but still -- motorcycle plus fire ...  that’s a pretty awesome combination!
Motorcycle Gang Blocks Highway For Marriage Proposal
Who knew bikers were such hopeless romantics?
The Rockefeller Center ice skating rink might be perfect for marriage proposals in New York City, but if you're in Los Angeles you'll have to get a little more creative -- like shutting down a major highway.

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