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Nikki Sixx Discusses Motley Crue’s ‘Final Tour’
When Motley Crue announced their 'Final Tour,' they signed a legally binding "Cessation of Touring Agreement" forbidding their members from using their name in future live endeavors. In a new interview, Nikki Sixx explained that the band decided to take that approach as a…
Motley Crue Announce ‘The Final Tour’
Motley Crue have officially announced 'The Final Tour,' a 72-date farewell trek across the U.S. and Canada that will feature Alice Cooper as their special guest. The band is expected to spend the next two years circling the globe before hanging it up for good.
Motley Crue Officially Announce Farewell Tour
One of the most notorious bands in music is calling it a day. Motley Crue have announced a farewell tour with the legendary Alice Cooper serving as the opening act. Moreover, the Crue have signed a binding legal document that they will not tour beyond the year 2015, making this a true final tour.
Motley Crue Announce SPAC ‘Farewell Tour’ Date
Tuesday, Motley Crue officially announced their long talked about farewell tour called "All Bad Things Must Come To An End." The trek will take the band all around the world as they say 'goodbye' to their fans one final time.
For the American & Canadian tour, Alice Cooper will be openi…

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