McDonald’s Monopoly Game Rare Properties
McDonald's' Monopoly is back and your resident gambler, me, is hooked yet again.  I can't say no to a chocolate shake and a chance at a million dollars if I peel off a shiny dark blue Boardwalk property from my cup.  However, just like odds of finding anything under a billion calories on the menu, t…
AC/DC Monopoly Game Coming This Summer
Do not pass go, do directly down the "Highway to Hell". It's been a long time since I've had my eyes on Park Place but perhaps owning the rights to the 'Back in Black' cd might make me interested in playing Monopoly again.
Monopoly Game Gets Revamped
The days of sitting around an old-fashioned Monopoly game board rolling the dice, using paper money and little figurine markers are over. The game has had a complete technological make-over, and is now using a computer which will monitors each player's activity.