Scratch-Off Nets Saratoga Woman $7.5 Million
Yolanda Vega and the New York State Lottery are headed to Glens Falls to present a check to a lady who was lucky enough to purchase a winning scratch-off ticket netting her $7.5 million!
22-Year-Old Dude Makes $20,000 Selling Canned Air
This story has proved that there are a lot of stupid people out there who have a lot of money they don’t want. Every now and again a simply idea like canned fresh air comes along that seems outrageous and simple and generates well past the profit it logically deserves...
Three Advantages To Using Cash Over Credit/Debit Cards
We are all aware of the immense financial burden that Target and their customers faced this week when their databases were hacked and close to 40 million people got their credit card information stolen. This made me think about how we don't use cash anymore, so I've compiled a list of a fe…
5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Year-End Bonus
This is the time of year when some of us find a little extra in our paychecks, or get a nice fat bonus after we’ve already been paid. It’s a great way to end the year, but if you don’t plan ahead and think it through, that bonus could disappear quickly…

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