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Binders Full of Women
I know the debate was Tuesday night but I still cannot wrap my head around these binders full of women. Also I'm still trying to figure out why Mitt Romney would even think the phrase "binders full of women" would sound right in a debate at that.
The Killers Are Mitt Romney’s Favorite Band
We know that President Obama’s musical taste ranges from Al Green to Bruce Springsteen to Jay-Z. So who does presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rock out to? The list of his favorite bands includes the Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney and a modern rock act you might not …
Does Mitt Romney Have A Big Penis? C-Span Gets Pranked Again
The only time it's worth mentioning C-Span is when they get pranked during their live political talk shows.  I can't believe after how many times this has happened they don't screen the calls first, but thank god for it other wise we wouldn't be enjoying this gem today.   The caller at first sounds …