Local Warning Issued For Milk Drinkers
According to News 10 abc, a warning has been issued for Rensselaer County and the surrounding area to avoid drinking raw milk from ‘Breezy Hollow Dairy.’  The warning, issued by the New York Agriculture and Markets Department, is a result of a positive Listeria test..…
Price Chopper or Hannaford?
In the Capital Region, where you buy your groceries can define what type of person you are. Or it could just be a matter of preference- but don't your preferences define you?
New Ben & Jerry’s Cores (Video)
Just in time for Spring to ruin your diet, Ben & Jerry's have introduced 3 new Cores that you may not be able to resist.
I want to try Brownie Batter because I am a big fan of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I am always looking for a new favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor to sh…
Soda + Milk = Sludge [VIDEO]
People have been finding uses for Coca-Cola, other than drinking it, for years now. I guess eventually you try mixing it with everything.
Milk Prices On The Rise
What's good for one, can be bad for the other. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the local and foreign demand for dairy products will result in a rising cost for consumers.

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