Go Vote GWAR Now! wants you to vote on who is the 'Best Live Band' and GWAR is up against KISS for 'Best Live Act.' There are more categories and more bands to vote for, but I think you should go vote for GWAR!
Grease Metal! (Video)
Start your week off with one of the most unlikely covers, I've been saying for years that someone should make a metal version of this song and ones like it, finally someone went outside the box and found John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
Dear Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be in Albany on Friday for a live broadcast. I am very excited, however I have some complaints regarding some serious issues that they have discussed on the show.
Does Pantera Suck?
The guys on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show may be a bunch of ball-busters, but I am sure they didn't mean it when they said that Pantera sucks. However, I would love to see Eric Zane tell Phil Anselmo that Pantera sucks to his face. I like to instigate, it is the American thin…
A Lack Of Female Metal Fans?
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has been all about sports and weird news this morning, I guess it is a slow news day. That is not a bad thing because a good news day usually means bad news. One of the many topics on the show today turned into a roast of metal fans, where it was s…

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