Male Version Of Hooters In Texas (Video)
A male version of Hooters is opening in Dallas, Texas of all places, and now I think I have to move to Dallas so I can get in line for a application before Eric Zane does. However I do feel that I am ahead of the game with image I found for this Blog.
New Study Says Doughnuts Are Making Men Infertile
It looks like if you eat too many doughnuts you might find yourself infertile. Also in related news, if you eat too many doughnuts you never have to worry about being infertile because you will be a super fat sloppy mess who won’t be getting laid anyways...
Drive a BMW? Twice as Likely to Cheat!
Men who drive a BMW are twice as likely to cheat or commit adultery. According to a recent study asked on a popular dating website, it was found that 19 percent of these men drove a BMW. Audi, Mercedes, Jaguars and Land Rover followed respectively.

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