McDonald’s Sued Over Hot Water
Wait - are we in 1992 all over again?
A women is suing McDonald's over hot water she was given that burned her claiming customers are unaware of the 'unique harm' when employees serve the item.
KFC Unveils The Big Boss. Look Familiar?
McDonald's debut the Big Mac way back in 1968 and since then nearly every fast food competitor has released their own variation. Burger King unleashed the Big King last year and now KFC Canada has the Big Boss.
McDonald’s Commercial Filmed In Albany [VIDEO]
I noticed this over the weekend and was like: 'hey, that looks familiar'. Then of course, I saw a CDTA bus and was like: 'I definitely live under a rock'. McDonald's filmed a commercial on the streets of Albany and I feel like I'm the only one who was kept in the dark.

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