Vin Diesel is Mysteriously Meeting With Marvel
With the success of the last three 'Fast and Furious' films, Vin Diesel went from nearly being a has-been to an A-lister who got to resurrect his dead franchise 'Riddick.' Want more proof he's back on top? He's meeting with Marvel about an upcoming project.
Marvel Dates Another Superhero Movie for 2016
Marvel and Disney dropped a bomb on their fan nation with the news that two untitled superhero movies are scheduled to hit theaters in 2016 and 2017. These two films are bulking up the post-'Avengers 2' Phase 3 slate, but now there's even more news. It's been revealed that anothe…
‘Captain America 2′ Spoilers: Look Who’s Back!
Some new photos from the Cleveland set of 'Captain America 2' have revealed a surprising look at one of the first film's characters we thought wouldn't return for the sequel. Who is showing up in 'Cap 2' and what do they look like now? There be spoilers ahead!
Marvel Dates Two Untitled Films for 2016 and 2017
Even with Warner Brothers/DC’s ‘Man of Steel‘ set to open this weekend, and even with the billion dollar grosses of the last two Batman films, there’s no question that Marvel is the studio for superhero movies. To extend their legacy, they’…
‘Captain America 2′ – Check Out Cap’s New Costume!
In the comic book world, superheroes modify their costumes on a pretty regular basis, so it's not surprising that Chris Evans' cinematic Captain America has already gone through three costumes. In 'Captain America: The First Avenger,' his suit was tough and WWII era-appropriate. In 'The Avengers,' h…
‘Thor 2′ Director Says the Sequel Will Be Funny
With 'Iron Man 3' mostly behind us, the next Marvel superhero film to look forward to is 'Thor 2,' which hits theaters this November. Director Alan Taylor ('Game of Thrones') recently spoke out about what he's bringing to the upcoming sequel, and he promised everyt…

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