Dear Everyone, Stop Stressing Out About Marriage
Awhile back, a friend of mine (let's call her "N" for "naive") was having trouble finding a worthy boyfriend. Part of the problem was that she was very young, and consistently went after the new, shiny fella who walked into her scene, diving headlong into hea…
SEC Wants Review of Facebook IPO – Tech Thursday
Facebook seems to be be having a bad week. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the regulatory body for the stock market, is calling for a review of the circumstances around Facebook's IPO. This is due to the 9% drop in the stock as well as the accusation that the downward revised profit forecast…
Disturbed’s David Draiman Getting Married
Disturbed front man David Draiman is getting married this weekend to a and let me say lightly a HOT girl.   His fiancee is Lena Yada, a Japanese-American Model, Professional Surfer and Wrestler from Honolulu Hawaii .  They will tie the knot Sunday at a secret undisclosed location.

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