LEGO Bricks and Wizard Trading Cards Targeted in Troy Theft
While most thieves target expensive electronics and jewelry, police say they caught a man in Troy, NY going for the good stuff: LEGO sets and Magic: The Gathering playing cards. Police say Justin Allard was taken into state police custody after he was caught boosting $1,162 worth of bricks and cards…
Worst “Wheel Of Fortune” Player Ever [VIDEO]
Now I don’t claim to be a great speller, in fact if you read any of my post you would know I am the farthest thing from it. However, I do have common sense when it comes to guessing.
This guy had 10 seconds to say the first thing that comes to every one’s mind when the…
Do You Believe In Magic?
Check out this video from America's Got Talent and tell me you aren't amazed by this magic trick.  Amazing doesn't even describe it.  I have to learn how this is done.