Lars Ulrich Still Defending ‘Lulu’
When Metallica cut their hair short in the 90's we all thought that was the worst thing they could have done.  If only we had a time machine, we would have known about the Lulu fiasco.  Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is still defending the albums quality.
Lou Reed, Metallica Defending ‘Lulu’
As expected, many Metallica fans are not happy with the collaboration that the band did with Lou Reed.  The album launched yesterday and Lou Reed says he;s been getting death threats from hardcore Metallica fans, while Metallica the band defends their musical interests.
Metallica & Lou Reed Talk ‘Lulu’ [VIDEO]
On Monday night Metallica and Lou Reed were part of an exclusive listening party for their new album, Lulu,  hosted by Bowers and Wilkins.  While they were there they sat down with the Associated Press for a video interview to discuss the work that went into the collaborative effort.
Entire “Lulu” Album Streaming Online
The album that Metallica and Lou Reed have been working on for months now is almost upon us and you can hear it before it comes out as the entire thing is now available to stream online.
Metallica & Lou Reed Team Up – Loutallica?
Metallica and Lou Reed have teamed up and collaborated to bring you a new different kind of album.  There is a new single called 'The View' available thru iTunes on Tuesday September 27th and the album entitled 'LuLu' will be out November 1st. We have the video preview of th…
Metallica & Lou Reed Audio Sample Has Arrived
We have been being teased with little info about the upcoming album from Metallica and rock icon Lou Reed.  The album, Lulu, is going to be way different than anything we have ever heard from the guys in Metallica and the brand new audio sample shows that.