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Hillary Clinton In Cohoes
Campaigning for the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton visited Cohoes High School, I did not send my wife there, but she went anyway and took these pictures. 
I do not disprove of my wife supporting Hillary Clinton, although this video would make you think otherwise...
Listener’s Choice Awards 2015
We the people.... At Q103 are giving our listeners the power to choose, we are giving our listeners the power to tell us what your favorite local businesses are, and the most popular businesses will be rewarded by Q103!
Q News With Dan America (Video)
Albany's #1 Rock Station brings you Albany's #1 News Broadcast! Q News with Dan America! I am your source for weird, offbeat news. Meet the Rockaholic and share it with your friends, family and coworkers!
An Update On the ‘Apparently’ Kid [Video]
Monday on "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," we checked out the video that's gone viral of a kid named Noah Ritter, from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., who was interviewed at the Wayne County Fair.
Noah stole the show (and the microphone) and dropped the word "appar…

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