Better Late then Never (Videos)
I was going to post this over the weekend but I chased the Easter Bunny down his rabbit hole and now I'm late... or was it a different bunny that I chased down a hole?
Favorite Show Of The Summer So Far?
It is August 3rd and instead of my annual depressing blog post about how summer is almost gone I am trying to be positive by asking you "What was your favorite show of the summer so far?"
A Grohl of Thrones (Video)
July 4th marked the Foo Fighters' 20th anniversary and David Grohl could not miss it, even with his broken leg, so he performed while sitting on the Foo Throne.
Smash Mouth Kind Of Lives Up To Their Name (Video)
Just in case you forgot about the band Smash Mouth, recently the lead singer got really upset and flipped out on stage, because someone through bread at him. So he showed the world his potty mouth and his temper, and the world kind of noticed.

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