Here’s Our List, But What’s Your Favorite 80s Movie Classic?
It's a tough question, I know!  But it's the weekend, and what's better on the weekend aside from listening to good rock tunes than molding out and enjoying a good throwback movie.  AND it just so happens that on 34 years ago today, March 24th, the Breakfast Club met for the…
5 of the Worst Post-Halloween November Things
Halloween, my favorite holiday, is over.   Candy hangovers (and maybe regular hangovers for some of you) struck full-force this morning.  It's still the middle of the work week.  It's like waking up on the worst side of the bed!  Now, some people I know LOVE this time o…
Welcome to the Future (Video)
It's 10/21/2015 and nothing looks like what Back to the Future promised, but thats no reason, not to celebrate one of the greatest trilogies of all time, but don't take it from me, I am not a Doctor, but Doc Brown is.
The man has a point, but that does not seem to be enough for some people, because e…
Hello I Am Dan America And I Make Lists
On Free Beer & Hot Wings they read lists, they comment on lists they read that other people wrote. I am Dan America and I make lists, here is a video of mine that is safe for work, about why I make lists. You're Welcome.