How To Buy Lingerie The Right Way
I haven't always been the lingerie type. And when I do wear lingerie, I'm picky about what kind. I have a couple fancy nightgowns, and I've got a thing for corsets, but I don't have a single matching bra and panties set. In fact, before I met M, the only piece of actual lingerie …
Avril Lavigne Strips Down [VIDEO]
Avril Lavigne has always been a cutie, but in her new music video she has blossomed into a full blown hottie.  Not sure why she has stripped down, but we sure do like it.
Lingerie Football League Needs More Fights [VIDEO]
The Lingerie Football League is still alive and punting. Hey, if the WNBA can survive, there is no reason women in their underwear playing football can’t find a niche audience. The LFL needs is a hook. Something to keep eyeballs glued to TVs when watching women run around in their un…
Behind The Scenes – Megan Fox Commercial
Megan Fox may have lost the 'Transformers' gig that helped make her a standard issue male fantasy, but you can still see her in most of her glory as the face and body of Armani Jeans and Underwear's latest ad campaign.
Playboy Golf Lingerie & Pajama Party
Earlier this month, Playboy hosted its annual Playboy Golf Finals in Southern California, a weekend-long event that included everything from a St. Patty’s Day Tee Party to a very sexy Lingerie & Pajama Party at the Playboy Mansion.
Some of the biggest names in sports and Holly…