UPDATE: Moammar Gadhafi Dead
Reports have been confirmed and former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has in fact been killed as a result of an attack on his convoy earlier this morning.
White House Considering Tapping U.S. Oil Reserves
The White House is considering tapping our oil reserves here at home to help pull down the rising cost of gas.  The last time our oil reserves were used were in 2008.  Of course Republicans are opposing this idea, while Democrats are supporting it.
Trouble In Libya Continues
Moammer Gadhafi is creating my trouble for himself as he bombed Eastern Libya last night to take control back from rebel forces.  Many are dying and Gadhfi says more will die if the US or NATO interferes.
Gas Prices Soar
Right now gas is about .72 cents higher than it was at this time last year and sources say that we could see prices jump another .50 cents very soon.