Jerry Buss, Lakers Owner, Dead At 80
Jerry Buss, real estate magnate and longtime owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, died Monday of an undisclosed form of cancer, his spokesman Bob Steiner said. Buss, 80, was a patient at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His health had declined rapidly in recent weeks.
Will Phil Jackson Coach The Knicks In 2012
On Sunday, coach Phil Jackson made it clear he had every intention of retiring following the Lakers' devastating playoff defeat to the Dallas Mavericks.
"In all my hopes and aspirations," he said, "this is the final game that I'll coach."
Of course, Jackson has cried wolf before, s…
NBA Regular Season Wraps Up
We are looking at the last few games of the NBA regular season tonight and Chicago has a big opportunity to end the year on top, they just need some help from Phoenix.
Khloe and Lamar Create A Unisex Fragrance
This is the video of Khloe and Lamar Odom's new creation, Unbreakable. I love them, but really? A unisex fragrance? This is so unlike Khloe, and I wonder what Lamar's Laker teammates thought of this...
Kobe On Conan Tonight
Are you a Kobe-hater? I am! I was a Laker fan beginning at age 8, all the way until Kobe’s sexual assault case came up from ’03 in Colorado. When the Laker organization decided to get rid of Shaq and Phil Jackson in order to invest all their money and attention on a g…