Will Phil Jackson Coach The Knicks In 2012
On Sunday, coach Phil Jackson made it clear he had every intention of retiring following the Lakers' devastating playoff defeat to the Dallas Mavericks.
"In all my hopes and aspirations," he said, "this is the final game that I'll coach."
Of course, Jackson has cried wolf before, s…
Exciting Start To The NBA Playoffs
The NBA in general has been very exciting this year and the start of the playoffs was no exception.  Big upsets and last minute wins was what was in store over the weekend.
NBA Regular Season Wraps Up
We are looking at the last few games of the NBA regular season tonight and Chicago has a big opportunity to end the year on top, they just need some help from Phoenix.
Hot Picks For Tonight
For those of you that don’t know, I refer to myself as ‘The Kid.’ And right now, The Kid is hot! So let’s see what The Kid likes tonight.
Knicks Continue To Struggle
The New York Knicks are not getting exactly what they hoped for out of the Carmel Anthony trade, but Melo is confident they can turn things around.
Melo Drama
It looks like the New York Knicks may have blown their opportunity to grab NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony when they turned down a trade deal from Denver earlier this week.
NBA Is Must See TV
I have always heard people tell me that the NBA is boring to them.  For a few years the league has been so, so but this year we are looking at some very exciting games.