Advice for Single Parents: Be Nice to Your Ex
Single dad who lives out of state, two hours away from my mini-me. While the last few years have been tough, my son's mother and I do the best we can to make my little guy's life as pleasant as possible.
Watch Kids Try Coffee For The First Time
Kids grow up to fast these days. The other at the grocery store I saw, what looked to be, a 7 years walking around with a Starbucks coffee along side her mom doing the same. Coffee at 7? To me that's crazy.
I remember the first time I tried to coffee, I hated it. Thankfully these kids also feel …
This Father and Son Moment is Terribly Disturbing [VIDEO]
As a dad, I take great pride in showing my son the 'way'. By 'way' I'm referring to guiding and teaching him how to be a good person, make the right decisions and just be a good human being. The 'dad', and I use that term loosely, in the following video is clearly …
Bottle Bombs Net Two Albany Area Teens Felony Charges
As a kid, I remember filling plastic soda containers with gas and trying to blow them up. Fortunately for me, it never worked. Probably had something to do with my fuse wire and the fact someone was watching over me, cause I was dumb.
Easter Egg Hunts Are A Terrible Idea
Easter is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than hiding decorative eggs all around the house and yard. I've only participated in a handful of Easter egg hunts but that was enough for me to learn they are a BAD IDEA.
Father Son Debate is the Greatest Video on the Net
Leading up to the birth of my son, his mother and I always told each other: 'Never talk to him like a baby.' No gaga or googoo, none! Looking back it was one of the best decisions we made in the beginning stages of parenthood.

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