Kid Beats Up Dad for Not Catching Foul Ball
What says "summer is finally here" better than being smacked repeatedly in the chest by a small child? Lemonade? Sure. The distant jangle of ice cream trucks? Absolutely. Fireworks and BBQ? Okay, fine, we get it. Lots of stuff is more summery than this, but none of those are nearly as funn…
The 2013 National Spelling Bee in GIFs
Last night, ESPN aired one of its most competitive sporting events -- the Scripps National Spelling Bee. If you somehow missed the exciting event, have no fear. We have some amazing GIFs that will catch you up on all the action.
Little Kids Reaction To Man V. Food [VIDEO]
Kids are something else aren't they? To be completely honest, they're super refreshing. They tell it like it is with regard to emotions, thoughts and everything in between. 'Come on little Jimmy, eat this pureed jarred squash, be a good boy'. What do you get? Crying and shouts of…

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