You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!
Or in this case, my roof. Have you ever had a set of neighbors that just have an almost purposeful lack of consideration to you and/or your property? The struggle has been real on the home front for the last couple of weeks.
Is ‘The Exorcist’ Still Scary?
I decided to kick off October by watching 'The Exorcist' I watched it alone and I was not scared, I was not sure if I have seen it too many times or if I have become desensitized by modern horror movies.
Monster Jam With The Boy Round 2
My 4 year old son loves monster trucks, I took him to see Monster Jam at the TU in January but he got scared after the first round and we left early, so I decided to take him to Monster Jam again last night.
Kids Tell The Story Of The 1st Thanksgiving (Video)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I have found that, the History Channel, is the most reliable source, especially when it's kids, telling the story of the first Thanksgiving.
I find this video to be more accurate, then what I was taught in school, back in the 1980&apo…

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