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Katy Perry Or Stormy Daniels Boobs: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
It's all about the boobs on this chilly cold Hump Night. Fitting right? They're warm, squishy and greeaatt (like Tony The Tiger). So why not show them loads of love in the 'Pump or Dump' pub. Oh, the deal with the pub? You're hanging out having a few drinks and two very love…
Monte’s Female Celebrity Wish List
You have one, I know.  "The list."  We all have a list of celebrities that we dream would walk up to us in a bar and say "I'm only in town for one night..."   Here are my top five ladies that Monte would like to take out for a cup of tea.
Katy Perry Wears Slime Bra To Nickelodeon Awards Show
There are two things that Katy Perry is good at: Looking hot as hell, and looking hot as hell.   Yesterday, Katy filled ol' Monte's fantasy by rocking just a bra to the Kids' Choice Awards (Why didn't woman dress like that when I was a kid?!) and that bra's material? - …
Katy Perry To Have Virtual Sex With Millions Of People
Freshly back-on-the-market pop startlet Katy Perry is getting hot and heavy with ‘The Sims 3: Showtime,’ a new addition to the PC game that allows you to pursue your dreams of becoming a dancer, musician, magician and — maybe it’s just us, but we doubt it…

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