Jennifer Garner Beats Fallon In Beer Pong [VIDEO]
I'm willing to bet that when Jennifer Garner stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon she didn't think she was going to be challenged to a game of beer pong.  I am also willing to bet that Jimmy Fallon didn't think he was going to lose!
Brock Lesnar Teaches Jimmy Fallon Some MMA Moves [Video]
Brock Lesnar is an MMA superstar right now and just came out with a brand new book called Death Clutch.  So he went onto Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about that, his involvement with the new season of Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter and ultimately ended up putting Jimmy in a sleeper ho…
Jimmy Fallon Taps Into Bob Dylan [Video]
One of my new favorite things is when Jimmy Fallon breaks out an impression to do his version of a pop song.  Usually it's Neil Young, this time though he was Bob Dylan and the song he chose to do: The theme song to 'Charles in Charge'. Quickly Jimmy Fallon is becoming my favorit…
Charlie Sheen Surpises Jimmy Kimmel
On last nights Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance during Kimmel's interview of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. He came out and gave Kimmel a gigantic kiss right on the mouth.  He didn't come empty handed either.  He brought Jimmy some gifts and then ex…
Fallon Thanks Tiger For Material [Video]
Last night on Jimmy Fallon Tiger Woods made his first appearance on a late night talk show since his big scandal.  They played mini golf and sat down to chat, and then Jimmy Fallon thanked Tiger for all the material over the past year or so.
Jimmy Fallon Heads To The Jersey Floor
It's the premiere episode of Jersey Floor.  Jimmy Fallon, or J-Bro, heads to the NBC offices most exclusive floor with all of his guidos and guidettes.  It's all about partying, tanning and living the life.  I can't wait till we can all head to the Jersey Floor.