jimmer fredette

Jimmer Fredette Drafted 10 Overall
Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette has been taken in the NBA draft and he rounds out this years top 10.  He was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, but will be playing with the Sacramento Kings.
Glens Falls Celebrates Jimmer Fredette’s 2011 Draft Selection
Jimmer Fredette,  the Glens Falls native and 2011 College Basketball player of the year that took college basketball and the nation by storm this season is about to make good on "The Contract" he signed with his brother to play in the NBA.  June 23rd is the NBA draft sele…
Winning The Madness Brackets
It's that time of year, all across the nation people are filling out their NCAA basketball brackets in hopes of winning the office pool.  I've done the research and have some tips in filling out a winning bracket.
Jimmer Gets Big Name Tweets
Glens Falls legend Jimmer Fredette is setting the world on fire and everybody’s talking and tweeting about him, even NBA stars. John Wall tweets “Jimmer Fredette is cold!”  And Kevin Durant tweets “Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world…