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Jesse James At It Again
Jesse James engaged? Well it looks like this serial cheater is on to his next victim.This guy just doesn't stop.
Kat Von D – Having a Bad Week [VIDEO]
First Kat Von D and Jesse James announced they're splitting.  On her season premiere of LA Ink, she revealed a tattoo of  her ex-fiance's face on her rib cage. Then she walked off the set of Good Day LA when the discussion of the morning would be about the break up.   K…
Kat Von D and Jesse James Break Up
Before the wedding took place this summer they broke up.  Kat Von D and Jesse James have split and called off the wedding.  The reason - long distance.  Kat Von D lives in Los Angeles and Jesse James lives in Texas.
Jesse James and Kat Von D Wedding Off?
Could it be another runway bride? First it was Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris calling off a wedding,  now it's Jesse James and Kat Von D?  Depending on when they are asked depends on the answer; the wedding is on, off or the relationship itself has too much drama.   Both are…