Too Old For Jeans? Maybe, According To One Survey
Let me just preface this with my thoughts.  I LOVE rock and roll. I LOVE heavy metal.  I LOVE classic rock.  I LOVE southern rock.  I LOVE punk.  I love it all.  And when I'm at shows, loving it all, I'm wearing either ripped jeans, a denim jacket, a denim ves…
JNCO’s or Designer Jeans for $695… You be the Judge
Back in April, I posted about people paying hundreds for "muddy jeans"- AKA designer jeans that were made to look muddy.  Well, since the outdoors 'rugged' look was ripped off, there's yet another absurd set of jeans people are paying hundreds for…
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans? [Poll]
This morning on "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," we played audio of the CEO of Levis, Chip Bergh, talking about how he hadn't washed the jeans he was wearing in about a year.
Eric Zane thought this was gross. Hot Wings then said that he has one pair of jeans, w…
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans?
Jeans are definitely the one pair of cloths that can wear over and over without having to toss them into the laundry right away.  So how long do you go before you do toss them in the wash and what exactly could be lurking on them in the mean time?