Tech Thursday – Sony Music Japan Hacked
It seems that Sony has incurred the wrath of hackers these past few months. First it was the PlayStation Network, where PS3 owners can connect their consoles and play others in online games, as well as purchase music and games. Now, Sony's music division is under attack from hackers. The attack…
Support Japan – Purchase an Eastern Egg
Happy Easter to everyone! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can pitch in to help Japan recover and rebuild. Eastern Eggs is a site that has collaborated with artists and the British Red Cross to seek help for Japan.
London’s Benefit Concert For Japan Cancelled
It's more bad news for Japan, as the benefit concert that was scheduled for this month at London's Wembley Arena has been cancelled due to the fact that not enough bands could participate. The concert was going to raise money for Japanese relief efforts after last month's ea…
More Iron Maiden News!
A few days ago I blogged about Iron Maiden releasing another "best of" album that was to cover the past two decades. Now, the band has announced that all proceeds for select merch T-Shirts will be going to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims, restoration and clean-up f…
Japan Nuclear Danger
Workers had to evacuate the Daiichi complex in Fukushima when a fire broke out yesterday and now there are dangerous levels of radiation in the air just 240 miles north of Tokyo.
All That Remains’ Earthquake/Tsunami Experience
Oh my God! My heart sank when I read that one of my top five bands, All That Remains, was in Tokyo when the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Thankfully they are all OK, but are understandably a little shook up. They're from Massachusetts so they never have to worry about a natural disas…

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