George Zimmerman Is Free From Jail
All George Zimmerman had do to was post 10 percent of a one million dollar bail bond and he was free to leave jail.  He did just that Friday afternoon.   According to MSNBC, Zimmerman was also fitted with an electronic monitoring device before leaving the jail.
Woman Jailed for Warning Drivers About Police Speed Trap [VIDEO]
Ever flash your lights at oncoming traffic to warn them that there was a cop ahead? You could wind up in jail for it. Making a sign that says the cops are waiting ahead is apparently also frowned upon. Trying to keep some cops from making their quota is risky business. You got to take into considera…
Rod Blagojevich Begins 14 Year Sentence [VIDEO]
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich arrived at Federal Prison in Denver to begin serving a 14 year sentence for corruption.  Television crews and helicopters followed every step of his arrival in a black SUV.   This is the latest chapter in the downfall of a charismatic politician.
Woman Faces Jail After Biting Boyfriends Testicles
OUCH!! Just the headline makes me squirm, but a British woman named Maria Topp faces prison time after she bit her boyfriends testicles causing him to be disoriented, bloody and in need of 18 stitches.  The unlucky guy, her boyfriend at the time is also a disc jockey.

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