Avoiding Your Ex Or People You Hate? There’s An App For That
In a world of social media where everyone is sharing their every-waking moment with friends, it was only a matter of time before you could use that to avoid them.
If you have an ex you don't want to run in to or a group of people you'd rather not see while out bar hoping, there's a new…
Tech Thursday – Walmart Online Music Store Goes Bye-Bye
After 8 years and thousands and thousands of songs sold, Walmart has succumbed to the power of the number 1 and 2 online music retailers in the world. They announced that on August 28th, 2011, they will start the process of closing down the online store. But if you bought music from Walmart's o…
Sick Puppies Release Live Album
Q103 Q-Ruption performer Sick Puppies have released a live CD called 'Live At House of Blues Cleveland' available only on i-Tunes.  If you want to know what the band sounds like live before they perform this summer at SPAC, then you need to hear this.
Tech Tuesday – Apple Announces iCloud
Yesterday was the start of Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, where software developers for the Mac converge on San Fransisco, to discuss their projects with Apple engineers to get help as well as tweak software for the Mac and iOS platforms. It is also usually a day when Apple announces …
Tech Tuesday – Square Your Yourself Up
Lets say you're friend owes you $20, and you need the money. You meet up with him and ask if he has the $20 he owes you. He says he has it in his account but not in cash and needs to go to an ATM. But wait! You pull out your iPhone of Android phone, and connect your Square and can swipe his Cre…
Help Japan by Rocking Out on iTunes
There are several programs that have started to give aid to Japan since the major earthquake that struck a couple weeks ago. Apple has stepped up and is offering music as a relief fund.

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