Sandy to Bring More Wind Than Irene + Less Water
For Albany area residents there is a touch of a silver lining with Sandy as the National Weather Service in Albany has stated that we should see more wind rather than rain when Sandy hits late Monday  and early Tuesday. Irene dumped around six inches of rain on the area but Sandy is expected to…
Frankenstorm for Halloween? Could the Albany Area See a Hurricane?
We reported yesterday that we could see a hurricane hit a cold front and merge with a Nor'easter thus producing a snowy hurricane. Good news - doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow. Bad news - it looks like we could see a great deal of rain and wind. We have the updated details …
Sebastian Bach’s Home Destroyed By Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene didn’t just displace regular people — some celebrities took a hit, too.
Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach reported on his Facebook page that the storm’s massive flooding has left his Middletown, New Jersey mansion a shambles.
Advisory For Schenectady’s Stockade Neighborhood
The people of the Stockade Neighborhood in Schenectady have been advised to get away from that area because flooding from the Mohawk River is immanent. There is a temporary shelter set up for everyone that has evacuated. WTEN has more coverage of this story.
Big Rich Checks Out the Damage from Tropical Storm Irene
After being in the house all night Saturday and then again most of the day, watching Steve Caporizzo doing marathon coverage of the storm, Kim, my daughter and I, started to feel a little stir crazy. So we decided to venture out when there was a break in the rain and see what if any damage was out t…
Car Floats Down The River In Bennington, VT [VIDEO]
Some crazy things happening during yesterdays Tropical Storm Irene.  Our neighbors in Vermont were hit just as hard, if not harder.  This video shows a car being washed down the Roaring Branch in Bennington.  Thanks to listener Jessica for pointing this out to us!
Delays and Closures Effecting Albany Area Traffic
Even though Tropical Storm Irene has moved on, she has left quite the path of destruction behind for us to clean up.  It is causing some major traffic problems across the Capital Region, which could make commuting this morning just a little bit trickier.  Here is a list of road closures fr…
BJ’s Tropical Storm Irene Coverage [VIDEO]
All the news stations seem to be sending someone out in the field to cover the breaking news of the hurricane.  I decided to do my best on the scene reporter impression and take to the streets of Glenmont, NY to see exactly what was going on outside.  I found rain,wind and a bunch of peopl…
Hurricane Irene’s Timeline of Attack
Now that it's getting a little bit closer to hurricane Irene's visit to the Albany area, it's a little easier to see when things are going to happen and for how long.  She has already made landfall in North Carolina and by the end of the day today she will be effecting New York City.  Once she hits …
Hurricane Irene’s Impact on the Albany Area
The southern portion of the United States has already begun to feel the impact of Hurricane Irene.  This weekend we here in the Albany area are going to start to feel the impact as well, and things could get ugly.