Man Records Himself Being Shot On iPhone [VIDEO]
Smartphones are proving to be very useful these days.  This guy thought that there might be an incident between himself and his ex-mother in law, and he was right.  The crazy woman shot him twice.  Lucky enough his adrenaline was going because he was able to tackle her down before she…
Alice Cooper Launces iPhone App
It's official, Alice Cooper has released an iPhone and iPod app to go along with his new album Welcome 2 My Nightmare.   Now you can take Alice with where you go.
Tech Tuesday – Let’s Talk iPhone Rumors
I'm releasing this a little early this morning as at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Apple will be starting it's "Let's Talk iPhone" media event. What they will announce is all still rumor and speculation, as Apple has released no information on it other than there is going to…
Will Apple Unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4?
Sources claim Apple’s newly-installed CEO, Tim Cook, will preside over an October 4 media event in which he will announce the long-awaited iPhone 5.
The date is consistent with previous reports setting early October as the release date for the next-generation smartphone.
AC/DC Monopoly Game Coming This Summer
Do not pass go, do directly down the "Highway to Hell". It's been a long time since I've had my eyes on Park Place but perhaps owning the rights to the 'Back in Black' cd might make me interested in playing Monopoly again.
radioPup Now Available for Android
radioPup, the only mobile app that lets you to listen to Q103, is now available for Android users! Starting now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users can listen and go rock yourself anytime, anywhere, for free.
You can download radioPup and learn more about the app on our mobile app page...
radioPup – Listen to Q103 on Our New Mobile App
Great news, Q103 fans --- there's a revolution happening in radio and you're a part of it. No longer do you need a radio to listen to the radio. With our brand new radioPup app you can listen to Q103 and go rock yourself all day, anytime, anywhere, for free --- directly on your smart phone…

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