Sliding Sam — Free App of the Day
If Morgan Freeman has taught us anything, it's that penguins are supposed to march everywhere. But don't tell that to Sam the Penguin! This little guy prefers to slide. And he needs your help to do so. Give him a hand in Sliding Sam -- today's Free App of the Day!
Apple’s 128GB iPad Released Before Microsoft’s Surface Pro
Apple will release a 128GB iPad starting Tuesday, February 5th, and this latest model has twice the storage capacity of the current 64GB versions. For memory hounds keeping score, owners of the Galaxy Note, the BlackBerry Playbook, or the Kindle Fire have tablets that can hold up to 64GB. Microsoft'…
iOS 6? It Makes Me Tingley – Tech Thursday
Zero hour, 1pm. That's when iOS 6, Apple's newest mobile operating system hit the net yesterday and the downloads started. When it went live, I could almost hear the network  switch at work groan from the onslaught of requests for bandwidth. But I kept calm and carried on and was able…

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