New iOS Game Releases – Week of April 8th
Wednesday night is big game night for all of us iOS gaming nuts, and there are some cool new games launching tonight to look out for.  Let’s take a look at what’s hitting the App Store around 11:00 PM EST.
iOS 6? It Makes Me Tingley – Tech Thursday
Zero hour, 1pm. That's when iOS 6, Apple's newest mobile operating system hit the net yesterday and the downloads started. When it went live, I could almost hear the network  switch at work groan from the onslaught of requests for bandwidth. But I kept calm and carried on and was able…
Tech Tuesday – Apple Announces iCloud
Yesterday was the start of Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, where software developers for the Mac converge on San Fransisco, to discuss their projects with Apple engineers to get help as well as tweak software for the Mac and iOS platforms. It is also usually a day when Apple announces …