Inventors Inventing Inventions
Earlier today on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they talked about The Face Blanket I am not sure if that is a new invention. I think someone found out that no one ever claimed the fame of being the inventor of The Face Blanket.
UpRight Sleeper. The Next Million Dollar Dumb Idea
I sit back and watch late night TV, a lot. Of course my night is always full of those god awful infomercials about products that are so dumb and yet make millions. The Snuggie anyone? Here comes the next dumb idea that you may find under your Christmas tree this year; The UpRight Sleeper.
Guitar Pee Urinal [VIDEO]
Coming soon to a mens room near you.. It's gives new meaning to "rock out with you cock out"! A Brazilian company has created Guitar Pee. Now bar patrons can play a tune in the urinal with their pee. The guitar starts to scream when urine is detected on any of the strings...