Introducing Boobstagram, The Instagram For Boobs
Recently we showed you a bunch of beauties on Instagram. Then, of course, Facebook bought the photo service for $1 billion. Coincidence? French dude Julien GLT had the ingenious idea of plucking pics of sweater puppies from Instagram to create Boobstagram...
Website Helps Find The Cheapest Beer Prices Near You
When a website uses a giant winking keg as its spokesmodel, you know it is as good for you as it is bad for your liver. helps you find the cheapest beer near you, so you can concentrate on drinking beer instead of shopping for it.
A Tribute To Flat Chested Women [VIDEO]
The world of the internet is a strange place.  People can make comments and hide behind their usernames.  YouTube funny girl Michelle Glavan took real comments on her videos and turned them into an ode to flat chested girls.  Warning, the language is NSFW.
Daughter Responds to Laptop Shooting Dad [VIDEO]
Late last week, we found a video of tough parenting in the south, where the dad was trying to teach his daughter a lesson about Facebook posting by shooting her laptop.  Well now this is the "supposedly" bratty teenage daughters response.   By the way, nice dildo on the b…
Creepy YouTube Kids Girlfriend Posts Equally Creepy Love Video
Remember the video of the creepy kid that I posted a couple weeks ago?  Well apparently his girlfriend, the infamous Briona, has a response video.  Turns out these two kids were made for each other because she loves the gushy video that was made for her.  Perhaps it's a long dist…

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