Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality [Video]
So, if you're like us, you've heard the term "net neutrality" in the news quite a bit recently.
Net neutrality, basically, means that all data on the Internet is treated equally, and nothing that you try to access gets preferential treatment over other data.
Things We Don’t Miss From The 90’s [90’s Nooner]
If you grew up in the 1990's, it was a great time - the music, the television, the epic summer blockbuster movies, the birth of the internet, reality TV that was actually reality TV, the fashion, etc.
But like with any time period that is highly looked upon, there are things we are glad that did…
The Internet Really Wants to Give Joe Biden a Reality Show
They say politics is becoming more and more like reality television. Now a new petition that's rapidly collecting e-signatures on the White House's We The People webpage wants the Obama administration to go all in on this premise and produce a reality show featuring Vice President Joe…
Americans Shop While On The Toilet
As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season approachs, some will deal with the crowds while other will... shop from their porcelain thrown. A new study says more Americans are shopping from the toilet these days.
10 Awesome Facts About the Internet You Didn’t Know
And because we can't do cat videos all day every day,* here are ten amazing facts about the internet. From how many likes there are on Facebook daily to the actual weight of the internet, this video just might blow your mind. (Hence the title.) Learn something new today, so you can watch a cat …

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