World’s Coolest Tattoo [PHOTO]
The bar has definitely been raised in the tattoo game. Walking around with an optical illusion on your arm is almost like being a half human half fun house hybrid, or something like that.
There’s More Than Just Tattoos at Saratoga Tattoo Expo
There is more than just ink and tattoos at the Saratoga Tattoo Expo.  Not only will there be hundreds of local and international tattoo artists displaying, working and showing their craft, but there will also be hot models, live music, tattoo contests, body piercings, demonstrations from the Only Fl…
Show Us Your Ink – Voting + Entry Form
You have until Friday May 3rd at 12 Noon to vote for which should win - vote now!
Enter your tattoo to win a new tattoo from Spaulding's Tattoo World - up to $200.
Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
Can you guess which rocker has this koi fish swimming up the inside of his arm? The exotic creature, a sign of strength, is one of many colorful tats on his arm including a “flamboyant” octopus.
Show Us Your Ink Contest Coming Soon [PHOTOS]
Do you have a killer tat?  We want to see it and show the world!! Get ready to submit your award winning ink to win a new tattoo from Spaulding's Tattoo World located at 1593 Central Avenue in Colonie.  Listeners will vote a winner, until then check out some of the killer tattoo'…