Tech Tuesday – The Watson Computer is now Dr. Watson?
You may remember, that back in February, that a computer called Watson, and built by IBM, took on 2 Jeopardy champions and pretty much beat them in a 2 out of 3 series of matches. I even showed you how to build your own Watson Jr. Super Computers. Now, IBM has moved Watson from game shows to medicin…
Man Vs. Machine–Ken Jennings Interview [AUDIO]
If you're a huge dork like me than you have been watching the IBM challenge on Jeopardy this week.  Right now Watson the super computer is kicking some homosapien butt.  Ken Jennings, the most famous Jeopardy champ, is one of the men taking on the computer and he was a guest today wit…
Watson Takes On Jeopardy
Tonight is finally the night.  The IBM super computer Watson, is set to do battle against two of Jeopardy's finest champions; Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.