List of Albany Area + Capital Region Shelters for Sandy
With Sandy headed toward the Albany area, the Red Cross will be opening eleven shelters throughout the Albany area starting Monday, October 29, 2012. We have the list of shelters that has been announced thus far and some instructions for those seeking shelter.
Track Hurricane Sandy in Real Time
Wondering where Sandy is? For some folks they only need to look out the window to find her. If you're looking for some maps and up to the minute information, we have several resources for you to find that information.
How to Prepare for Hurricane Sandy
As we well know from Irene, a hurricane (or it’s remnants) can be a very damaging and dangerous weather situation. We’ve been through this recently and as a community learned plenty of lessons. Here are some tips for being prepared for Sandy as she approaches the Alba…
Hurricane Irene’s Timeline of Attack
Now that it's getting a little bit closer to hurricane Irene's visit to the Albany area, it's a little easier to see when things are going to happen and for how long.  She has already made landfall in North Carolina and by the end of the day today she will be effecting New York City.  Once she hits …
BJ’s Favorite Hurricane Themed Songs
With Irene on the way you are bound to hear some songs that are talking about Hurricanes. Here is hoping that the big part of the storm misses us, but if it doesn't, here is a pretty sweet soundtrack.
Hurricane Irene Survival Guide
With hurricane Irene on the way this weekend I'm sure most of you are preparing for it. Being that we are from upstate NY, we really haven't seen much in the way of hurricanes per say, but Irene could be somewhat of a problem for us. With he