The Unbelievable Story Of One Little Boy
So, I'm into dark humor and video editing. My joke telling is above par and video editing skills are on a rookie's level to say the least. None-the-less, I found an awesome joke, a cool graveyard pic and put my YouTube video editing skills to work.
McKayla Maroney ‘Is Not Impressed’ Goes Viral [PHOTOS]
US Gymnast McKayla Maroney was a sure thing for a gold medal on vault at the 2012 Summer Olympics, all she had to do was stick the landing.  Instead she fell and had to settle for silver. Winning an Olympic Medal should be exciting enough, but not for 16 year old McKayla as she stood on the po…
Top Five Unwritten Rules Of Golf
Golf is a strange wacky game, it can be very rewarded and relaxing but can also be the most frustrating game on the planet.  It's simple:  hit a small white ball with a club down a stretch of ground into a small hole.  How hard is that?   People have spent their entire …

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