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Larry Flynt Wins! (Video)
Playboy magazine officially announced that there will no longer be nude pictorials in their publication, meanwhile Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine are still showing you everything you want to see, and sometimes what you don't want to see.
I am not a just a Larry Flynt fan because of the pictures in …
Lindsay Lohan Playboy Shoot Fail
Actress Lindsay Lohan has screwed up and failed at just about everything now, including her recent Playboy photo shoot.  You would think she would have the sexy pose down, after all we've seen her lady lumps and other parts on the internet for years.  However once Hef saw the spread, …
Hef’s Fiancee Calls Off Wedding
Hugh Hefner isn't going to be married this weekend after all.  His fiancee Crystal Harris calls off the wedding after a heated argument at the Playboy Mansion.  Perhaps now he can marry Holly??!
Playboy Magazine Looking for Librarian
Playboy looking for librarians isn't anything new, but they generally aren't looking for male librarians. It isn't often that an opportunity to work for Playboy Magazine occurs and it makes me wish I had a degree in library science.