hot wings

The Spirit of Buffalo (Video)
I have sampled a lot of chicken wings in my time but none of those wings can compare to the wings my good friend Kirpaul makes that he calls "The Spirit of Buffalo."
Music Friday Songs for August 1
Each Friday, “The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show” replaces its regular “back-with” music with songs from our own music collections.
They can be anything, from corny mash-ups, rock, country, mid-Michigan '70s butt rock or anythin…
What Hot Wings Thinks Live From Saratoga Race Course [VIDEO]
Hot Wings shared his thoughts on the automotive industry during What Hot Wings Thinks live at Saratoga Race Course. I asked myself what compelled him to talk about the automotive industry, but then remembered that he is from Michigan, home of the husk formerly known as the city of Detroit. Watch Wha…
FB&HW Mustache Bet Conclusion
Here are photos of the Super Bowl mustache bet.  Now had Zane not shaved his off early he may also of had a sweet looking mustache in these pictures, however he does not.  Instead when you see Zane, you'll see the rest of the guys facial hair glued to his face...