ATM Fails At Math
Weird stuff is happening all around, you just have to be there to catch it. Like this guy in Maine last night. Decides to go to an ATM to grab some cash. Asks for $140, gets $37,000. Wait did I put the comma in there right? If you were to divide 37,000 by 140, you would get 264...
Albany Area Man Turns The Irish Homeless In To Art
After a trip to Ireland local photographer Brian Reilly started the editing process of his photos. He quickly realized that his photos captured the the hardships of the homeless in Ireland. With homelessness increasing all over the world its hard to see beyond our own boarders...
Ted Williams Goes From Homeless to Rehab
It was just a week ago that we were all sharing links to a viral video of a man with the gift of a great voice. That man - Ted Williams - had a huge change in his life and suddenly was on every show from Today to Dr Phil. The last appearance is what has motivated him to seek rehab treatment.

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