home run derby

Official 2013 MLB Home Run Derby Drinking Game
(DISCLAIMER: Q103 does not condone binge drinking in any way. This drinking game is meant to be enjoyed in a responsible fashion, and any rules should be adjusted in proportion to one's safe alcohol consumption level, using the best judgement of the player. Do not drink and drive.)
Home Run Derby Fan Saved from a Fall by Quick Hands [VIDEO]
A baseball fan attempting to snag a fly ball narrowly averted disaster on the same day a memorial service was held for Shannon Stone, the man who died at Rangers Ballpark after falling from an upper tier while trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands last Thursday...
Yankees Robinson Cano Wins Home Run Derby
The home run derby is a part of baseball that I have loved since I was a kid. The best of the best hitters doing nothing but hitting big homers into the stands.  Last night one of my favorite players took this years crown.